"In 3 hours I'll show you everything you need to know to start importing your product immediately into Australia"

Brendan Elias

This is the ultimate training experience. Learn everything you need to know to start importing from China WITHOUT getting ripped off from Chinese factories … I'll walk you through the entire importing process step by step on sourcing cheap products, finding suppliers and receiving your first shipments in the USA.

From the desk of Brendan Elias,

Dear Friend,

Are you new to importing?

Would you like to import a product from China but don't know where to start?

If you would like to come and learn my best secrets on importing ANYTHING from China, then you've come to the right place. Over the last 5 years I've been training individuals and business owners on finding CHEAP quality products at factory prices in China and on-selling to customers in the Australia.

I'd like to share with you how you can get started successfully importing a product from china and avoid many mistakes I personally made that could save you thousands or even tens of thousands long-term.

I'm going to be holding several 4-hour seminars around the Australia which will be closed-door events and limited to around 80 people. This event is FREE to attend (for a limited time only).

If you attend my seminar, I promise you'll have the time of your life! You're going to discover my latest techniques for getting the best factory price (even BELOW factory cost), how to use online sourcing properly and little know techniques for talking to factories rather than import brokers. You'll be able to start sourcing your product and import it- the very minute you leave the seminar room!

If you haven't read about me or seen me on TV before then my name is Brendan Elias. I'm sometimes referred to as "The Import Guru". I was featured in the Financial Review titled "The New Internet Entrepreneurs" on my importing business that imported Pocket Bikes.

I was also featured on the Mornings Kerrie Ann Show, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age Newspaper in Melbourne and many more.
For the last 5 years I've been training individuals and business owners all around the Australia on how to find great quality products and easily import them from China.

Most of those individuals who attend our seminars and training have NEVER imported before in their life and know NOTHING about the importing business ... I mean zip, nil, nix, nada, null, naught, zero, zilch, zip about how to even START importing ...

It's really quite easy when you know where to start and what you have to do ...

Over the last few years I've imported everything from Pedometers to Pocket Bikes, Alcoholic Breath Test Testers, DVD Players, even a DVD that I couldn't find in the Australia at one point "Monkey Magic DVD" I found it in China and became an importer of that as well! Skies the limit of what can be imported and made profitable.

Stay tuned because in a minute I'll show you what else is possible to import and be made profitable.

There are literally so MANY opportunities available when you purchase goods direct from China as they have literally hundreds of thousands of products to choose from.

Here are some examples of the savings and potential profits from importing direct from China. The savings and margins are very substantial. These are just a few of the many products that can easily be sourced (and we'll show you how).


Results for importing 12MP LCD High Definition Digital Camcorder $107 directly from China:

Cost to purchase Per Unit In the USA $899
Total cost per unit buying direct from the factory: $107
Profit Amount (per unit): $792
Saving: Approx. 740%


Results for importing Alcohol Breath Tester $7.88 directly from China:

Per Unit Cost In the USA $189
Total cost per unit buying direct from the factory: $ 7.88
Profit Amount (per unit): $181.12
Saving: Approx. 2299%

Here are just a FEW things that make attending this seminar worthwhile ...

Discover How to import ANYTHING from China
How to get responses from factories in minutes – not weeks or never…
The RIGHT way to use online sourcing- without getting screwed around
The ONE WORD that will always get you tons of FREE samples from China factories
How to get your first order built BELOW factory cost
Discover the little known CASH rebates of 7-15% from the Chinese government
The one tiny piece of paper you MUST have to get a real quote from any Chinese factory
"Legal loopholes" to get up to 50% of all duties and tariffs (legally)
How to ship "less than container" loads from China – Less that $5000 buys are available
How to ship almost twice as much merchandise from China for only 5-10% more
What to do if goods arrive damaged (this little trick saved me $9000)
And much much more!

If you have current importing challenges or questions about importing that you need answers to right now and need a point in the right direction then for the first 30 people to reserve their seat to my importing seminar will receive a bonus free 15 minute phone consultation with me.

This consultation is valued at $197 USD but is yours free when you reserve your seat today. Many people in the past simply attend the seminar just so they can receive this phone consultation bonus.

Seats are limited to only 80 people, once we book out we'll close the doors to registration and you'll have to wait another two to three months before we hold another event. We like running small events and would prefer less than 80 people attending to ensure comfort, so to guarantee your seat at the seminar reserve your place now before its too late. Tickets are free so signup now.

Don't take my word for it check out what others are saying about my training ...

To your importing success!

Brendan Elias

P.S I know you will walk away from this seminar with TONS of new ideas, products and ways to start importing .. I truly believe this seminar will take you to the next level to importing your product efficiently and effectively.

P.P.S Keep an eye out at the seminar as we'll be giving away gifts and products away for free to a few lucky seminar attendees just for attending.


Attending Brendan's seminar is a breath of fresh air! I never imagined I was missing out on so much information. His seminar opened up several doors for me that I am currently exploring. So far, everything is working out great. Thanks Brendan!
-- Gregg


Mind Blowing!


In a word – Amazing! Brendan is definitely the Guru of Importing anything from China.


I was a bit skeptic at first. But by the time the seminar ended, I already had a game plan on how to improve my Importing Business. Today, I tripled my sales and experiencing LIFE! Much appreciated Brendan! Cheers!


If you want to be Great in Importing goods from China, you're in the right place.


Here at Brendan Elias’ course. I’ve learned many positive things. Also, I had to avoid scammers and stuff like that. And I feel confident now to be able to start my course in importing in China.



We just come here to take a look at importing seminar that Brendan’s held today. Just to learn more about importing. Finding information valuable as we would like start our own business.

--Leo and Anna


I've done some importing in the past and unfortunately I've been ripped off a few times and I made some costly errors. I think listening to Brendan today and what I got off from the website is that there were certain pitfalls I could avoided. I think if I had just sat down and had someone mentor me and guide me through this, and the flash of morning park and increase profits and my opportunity by tenfold. I'm pretty keen on looking for the mentoring program and for this and I definitely recommend it.



I came here because I'm used to importing. I've imported in the past. But I wanted more knowledge about importing as such. Brendan is very knowledgeable, he creates exciting atmosphere as well. So I suggest any who is new or a little bit apprehensive about coming in or trying importing. You really not going to miss out by coming in. The knowledge he has really gets you excited and you would want to get home straight away and get right into it. Just do it. Basically, come in and you won't regret it.



This is a good opportunity for me to learn about the Importing stuff from China. Yeah, last couple of hours I’ve learned so much, just amazing. So, just wordless at the moment, it’s pretty good. Hopefully, next 3 hours will be learning more and I really appreciate it.

--Steve Maitland


Just want to say thank you Brendan for actually finding all these information out, to share with us today. I, myself has been starting to import and going to the process of bringing in samples. And now, I actually get to start getting the box samples. Thank you.



I’ve been in retail for 13 years. I stumbled across these videos from Brendan on the network and it got my interest. I was quite impressed with the delivery of the knowledge so that I like to come in and personally have a seminar which I found very interesting and useful for my next career which is importing.



I’ve seen a lot of videos online of Brendan’s but attending the seminar today has really allowed me to put a lot of that theory into practice. Yeah, I thoroughly recommend it. It has been a great seminar.



I’m a Podiatrist. I’ve got a couple of products that I had designedand registered and would like to made them overseas but have no knowledge or the experience to go there doing it. But I feel like I’ve gained quite a lot from the short introduction on how to import products from China and get them made over there. Looking forward to learning more to the rest of the seminar.

--Chris Gardner


Just come along to see what’s like about importing. So far so good. Very informative and very impress with the presentation.

--John Lawton


I am here just to find out abit more about importing and I found it informative, insightful, stuffs are lovely. And I look forward to importing in the future. I think it be a really great help.



I really enjoyed listening to Brendan today and I got some more ideas out of him that would have been beyond what I have been thinking and a lot to progress further.