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Where to go in China?

Is your luggage all set? Do you know what you want to import? Profits are ready for the reaping! The question is: where to go in China? Paying a visit to a country to do business can truly be educational and widens one’s perspective. Surprisingly, many businessmen make the decision to import from ChinaWhere to go in China?

Competing With Global Brands

One main difficulty of entering the consumer electronics sector, especially the computer and mobile devices sub-sectors, is the presence of well-established and entrenched global brands; Apple, Samsung and Motorola quickly come into mind. With the fact that these brands are already entrenched in their positions in the global market, theCompeting With Global Brands

How To Enter Global Markets

If you have a small business and you would like to go global, but are too afraid of the risks entailed by the move, here are some pointers to what you could do to reduce the potential losses. The reality is that you shouldn't be afraid to enter global markets,How To Enter Global Markets

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